Monday, September 29, 2014

Just a Little Beat

Remember, kids, when daddy would hear a good song and he'd raise his index finger as if directing the music.  It wasn't long before he would raise his hand just a bit and you knew he was totally immersed in the beat. 

Well, last night the gentleman setting beside me at the Tommy Emmanuel concert did exactly the same thing, just like daddy did.  You could tell he was thoroughly enjoying the concert, but at the same time, with just a lifted finger and now and again his hand, you knew he was slightly embarrassed to be demonstrating his love of the music.

I don't know where all my family (not me, of course) gets their musical talent, but I suspect it was Grandpa Dawkins for he played the mandolin.  One thing I remember about Grandma was her love of music, too.  She told me she could tell if someone was enjoying the music because they would tap their feet to the beat, and if not their feet, their hands were moving. 

So last night we were all enjoying the music.  Feet were tapping, fingers were moving, hands were clapping..............all to the beat.  And with Tommy singing "I Still Can't Say Goodbye" and the man moving his finger and then his hand.....................well it brought back lots of memories............of daddy.  Just a little beat...............

Here is a rendition of the song by Chet Atkins.  You might shed a tear.'t+say+goodbye

I love you.
I wrote a blog post similar to this several years ago.  I hope you can access this.;postID=1738699947036538280;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=400;src=postname

Monday, September 15, 2014

My Little Barbed Wire Memory

Tonight are watching a documentary about Route 66 through the eyes of Billy Connolly.  Such a very interesting perspective of the old Route 66.  There are so many people around the world who would like nothing more than travel our USA Route 66. 

Anyway, tonight Billy Connolly stopped in McClain, TX, to visit the Devil's Rope Museum.  Devil's Rope as in barbed wire.  You can click on here just in case you are in McClain, TX, as we will be very, very soon on our trip out west.  Who knows we might just stop in.

Of course, you know I have a barbed wire memory, don't you?  The year was 1966, the month was May and I was just about ready to graduate.  I had on a blue and white gingham dress that my mother had made for me.  It was Senior Night and I was really excited because my parents said I could take the car to Shawnee after it was over.  So I jump out of the car and ran to the house to change my clothes before taking off.  I was to meet my cousin in just a little bit.

And here's where it all goes wrong.  I forgot that dad had put up a barbed wire fence, an electric barbed wire, one strand of wire, around the house to keep the cows from getting in the yard.  So here I go, running as fast as I can.  Got to change clothes and get back on the road.  I forgot about the wire until the very last minute, but before running into it head-long, I ducked down.  I ducked down just in time................almost.  I ducked under the wire, but barely and that barb ripped the skin on my back every 1/2 inch for 6 inches.  Not only my skin was ripped, but my brand new dress, the dress mom made for me just for Senior Night was in shreds.  By the time I got my dress off, blood was oozing from every nick.  I was in pain.  You'd think that would keep me home.  You'd be wrong.  I just cleaned myself up, added bandages and off to Sonic I went.

What a great fun memory.  I still have the tiny scars to prove this story.  And bless Mom's heart, she was able to mend that dress by cutting a piece of the fabric on the bias to cover the holes.  I remember the exuberance I felt that night.  Excited that I was going to Shawnee, excited that I was graduating, excited for all the unknown years ahead of me. 

That's it.  My Little Barbed Wire Memory

I love you.

Oh yes, I have another one involving the new car that I wrote about that somewhere in this blog.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

I Miss Kay–I Miss Momma


A couple of days ago, my niece posted on Facebook that she missed her mom.  Now her mom is alive and well and is right across town unless she is on a business trip, but she still missed her.  I miss her mom, too.  She lives right across town from me, too, but we never see each other.  Oh maybe we see each other a couple times a year if one of us makes an effort, but not like we did when mom and dad were alive.  New Years, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Labor Day, Memorial Day---these were all days where all the kids and most of the grandkids would probably be together because our common bond was momma and daddy.  Our common bond is gone.  Now, we each celebrate those holidays with our own individual families--never our paths to cross on most of those holidays. 

To all my extended family, I love you for posting Facebook pictures of all the good times you are still having with your parents, but I am just a tad jealous.   Cherish those times and let your siblings know how much they mean to you.  Time goes so quickly and then that sibling bond, while not broken, is certainly stretched. 
Yes, I miss Kay.  I miss Momma.  I miss them all.  First row: Rhonda is OU shirt, Mom, Kay.  Second row:  Regina, Robert.  Top row:  Brenda – taken Christmas 2003.  That is my family!!!!!  My adored family.

I love you.

Friday, September 5, 2014

All This Makes for a Great Life

Last evening, we went back to the Boulevard Cafeteria.  I have written about this cafeteria before, but last night was so entertaining I wanted to share it again.  Every Thursday night an old guy plays the keyboard--not going to say he is the greatest pianist, but he sure knows a lot of tunes.  And he takes requests.  Anything from The Beatles to Bach and a lot of old show tunes and he is especially good with swing music.  And anyway, there is just something about live music.....

Every time we have gone, there has been a group of older seniors (Older than us, can you believe it?) and last night they were in rare form.  One gentleman was celebrating his 89th birthday, and we, of course, sang along when twenty or more of his friends sang Happy Birthday to him.  I just marvel at these older folks and despite their ails and pains, they show up happy to be there enjoying one another, hugging and kissing as they come and go throughout the evening. 

As we were enjoying watching these folks dance, recall songs, and try to remember who was in that movie with Deborah Kerr, in came a little tiny woman, all alone.  The keyboardist reached out to her holding both her hands.  It was obvious he knew her as he guided her to the others.  I leaned to the hubby and said, "I think she drove herself."  He replied, "You think so?  Nah."  "She came in alone.  Do you see anyone with her?"  Later, he said, "Look, she's holding her keys so I guess she did drive.  Hmm"  It was only a few songs later when we looked up and there she was dancing with another woman a few years younger than her.  Yes, they were dancing a polka.  Oh my, it was the most entertaining thing of the evening.  The old woman was kicking up her legs almost waist high (I kid you not--at least 10 times), then she'd wiggle down and come back up without much struggle.  All eyes were on her, getting applause in the middle of the dance for her moves.  She was loudly applauded and well deserved. 

I actually had tears in my eyes as I watched the old woman dance.  We found out she was 94 years old, but I knew she was only 20 in her mind.  She still thought of herself as the girl she had once been.  In that moment, in front of all those folks, friends--strangers, she was 20.  She still had it!   

Oh, I hope I am like these older folks when I get their age.  I would like nothing more than join a group of friends for some mediocre cafeteria food, some mediocre music, some mediocre dancing, but great time being with friends.........All this makes for a great evening........All this makes for a great life!

I love you!!!

Regarding the scarf post, I went to Versona yesterday and I actually bought a scarf.  Let me clarify that statement.  I did go to Versona and I did buy a scarf, but only so Audrey could play with it.  There are so many pretty gewgaws (my mother-in-law used that word to describe anything bright and shiny), and my Audrey was grabbing at anything within or just beyond her reach.  Hey, it was only $3.00 so why not?!?  That kept her entertained the whole time we were in the store.  So Audrey's mom gets the scarf.....she looks great in them. 



Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I want a New Scarf

I want a new scarf.............despite.................

Have you ever met women who always look just like they stepped out of the band box (now that is an old saying, isn't it)?  There are several girls in my life who always looked perfect.  Perfect makeup, perfect clothes, perfect accessories, perfect I tell you! 

Accessories--a scarf is all the rage nowadays. One Tinker friend wears them a lot and they always look perfect on her.  I have seen her wearing a scarf tied expertly so with one end over one shoulder and the other end over the other and that scarf never moved, never moved I tell you!  Even huge scarves draped over one shoulder wouldn't budge a bit on her.  She is ever so stylish and had the best accessories.  Oh, but not me!

So, today when I got an email today from Versona bragging about their new fall scarf collection, I thought why not a new scarf.  I don't wear them often because  I cannot keep my hands off them....always adjusting, moving, twisting, restyling, and retying them.  There is nothing cool or stylish when a woman can't keep her hands off her scarf.  And did I mention that they look like I have a bed sheet wrapped around my neck?   I blame that look on my top-heavy-ness.  I can't quite pull off a scarf (but maybe that is ALL I can do with it).

Even after all the justification of why NOT to buy a scarf, I will try one more.  Surely, this time, it will look great on me over my white cotton shirt and blue jeans.  Nothing prettier than a white shirt, a blue scarf, and jeans.  Just lovely for fall.  Maybe this time, it will stay where I put it.  Maybe this time I won't look like I have a sheet around my neck.  I want a new scarf.

I love you for putting up with my silly little blog.

I love you.       

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Grandma Dawkins' Porch Swing

Tonight I got to keep the baby, but she was unhappy until I took her out to the porch swing.  She immediately calmed down.  Back.....creak.....forth.....creak.....back.....creak.....forth......creak.  The pattern was mesmerizing to her and to me.  The old swing was lolling that baby into a slumber that nothing other than her mother could provide.

I remember Grandma Dawkins' old swing, just to the right of the front door.  One, or was it two, of the slats were broken on one end so the lucky kids would crowd up next to Grandma to swing (the safer side), but that always left somebody having to set on the broken part.  Grandma was a nature lover so many discussions were held on that porch swing.  We would swing for hours watching the birds bring bits of straw, string, or anything that could possibly make for a good nest at the top of the corner pillars.  We'd wait for---ev---er to hear the little birds chirping when the momma bird would bring food to drop in their little mouths.  Oh, the good times, the memories...............memories of a great childhood.

As I swung tonight, I recalled my older two grandchildren swinging just like our new little baby.  Each infant had their time cuddling with Nana on that swing.  As the boys got older they'd beg me to go higher and faster until old Nana was almost seasick.  They loved it if the swing could hit the back wall.  No doubt the baby will soon want to go faster and faster.  Yes, the old swing is a keeper.  Some day the kids might want to bring their babies to swing on Nana's swing. 

There's no doubt that Grandma would use that swing every day even if we were not there.  Air conditioning was unheard of so an afternoon on the swing created a pleasant breeze.   I sure wish I had her old swing, but no doubt even if I had gotten it way back when, it would have rotted away by now.  I'd love to swing another afternoon on her old swing, but only with her.

I love you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer 2014 is Almost Over

I guess it is because I am getting older and I realize how quickly the days fly by, but it seems summer only gets started before it ends.  Here it is the end of August, Labor Day is less than a week away.  School has been in session over a week.  The days are getting shorter and soon the leaves will be falling.  And I scream, "I'm not ready to give you up, summer!!  I still want to go to the zoo.  I want to swim one last time--after all--I bought two swim suits this year.  I haven't bought the boys a snow cone yet."

Although I only blog for my family, there are lots of days when I just can't write because this or that happened.  I see bloggers writing day after day after day.  I wonder, do they have any personal tragedies?  How do they remain upbeat? 

This summer was filled with personal sadness as were the previous three summers..............many days where I had no desire to get on the computer.  Nothing seemed to be important.  So.........even though I don't want the summer of 2014 to end, I will look forward to autumn.   I am going to embrace autumn and all her colors with all my heart.  I am looking for renewal and a hope for a brighter future.  I am going to smile with a heart of thanksgiving.  Who knows, maybe I will write a few more posts.........writing is really fun for me.

Summer 2014 is almost over.

I love you. 


Monday, August 25, 2014

Just a Little Nibble

Just a little nibble.........

I am craving chocolate and not chocolate chips as the hubby tried to pawn off to me just now, but real chocolate candy.  I am not a crazy chocolate lover, but every once in a while nothing will do but a bite of chocolate.  Tonight's the time........just a little nibble of Mrs. See's chocolates.  I want a whole box of Mrs. See's chocolates..............a whole box of assorted candies with nuts, preferably, to pick and choose the perfect flavor. 

Full disclosure:  I have been known to discretely sample my chocolates for just a little nibble and then put them back in the box to share with the hubby......if I don't like them, that is!  Hubby is not real crazy of me sharing my chocolates once they have been nibbled on. Christmas, Pam B. gave me the neatest gift.............a chocolate sampler device, kind of like a tiny spoon/fork/knife combined.  Now I can sample my chocolates without even touching them and even more discrete than ever before.

My daughter often tells the story of when my mom was in the hospital and I came in her room eating a cookie.  Mom had been forbidden from eating anything that morning and there I was eating a cookie right in front of her.  Mom said in her tiny voice, "Just a little nibble?"  Tonight, Mom, I just want just a little nibble -- of chocolate.  ............and Mom, I am sorry for eating that cookie in front of you.

I love you!!

I did not get my chocolate tonight and that's ok, but my icy Coke Zero is good, but doesn't taste one bit like chocolate.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Audrey's Prayer

Audrey and boys 4.5 months 003


When I blog, I usually wait till the end of the post to decide what the subject will be.  Today, however, I knew what the subject would be even before I opened the computer. 

Today I held my little sleeping beauty during her two hour nap observing her every detail.  I could not get enough of her sweetness.  How tiny her hands still are even though she is now 5 months old; soft pale skin.  Those beautiful little dimples on the back of her hands.  How long her eyelashes are.  How her mouth forms a perfect little O while she sleeps and how her mouth purses when I bend to kiss those sweet little baby lips.  The smell of her baby breath escaping from that tiny mouth.  The curls of her dark brown hair as she perspires against my arm.  The flutter of her eyes as she fights to wake but just can't give up the comfort of her Nana’s bosom just a few more minutes of dreamless sleep. 

As I held her and observed her, I began to think about her life and what she was about to begin.  There is so much hope I have for her.  One of these days, I hope she reads this...........when she is old enough to comprehend. 

Audrey's Prayer
Father, I pray for my little Audrey, so precious in our sight, but,
more importantly, so precious in Your Sight.  I pray that she will be a
Godly woman, a kind and compassionate woman. 
I pray that she leads a life full of grace, and that she have
a naturally sweet spirit.
I pray that she will be strong, not to boast, and proud, but with humility.
Father, protect her, keep her safe.
I love you!!!
The next post I will have Nana’s advice for Miss Audrey, some might even be a bit silly.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another School Year

Spring Break 2011 043

Well, it started.  Another school year - 2014-2015.  That alone boggles my mind.  How in the world did it get to 2014?  Gosh, I remember thinking about the 2000s and not really comprehending the idea of another century.  But that was in the 1960s and one day I closed my eyes, the next day I woke up and it was December 31, 1999 and we were staying up to see the year 2000. 

But I digress.  School has started and my two grandsons have started in new school due to changing school boundaries.  I cannot tell you how proud of them I am.  All my worries for the last 3 months were unfounded.  Up until last week, their mom had planned on getting transfer letters for them to remain at the old school.  After getting the letters, mom took them on a tour of the school just in case their transfer request was rejected.  It didn't take them but a few moments to both decide the "new" school might be fun.  So.............back they went to take back the transfer letters and at that moment I knew my boys were going to be ok.  It was their decision and I believe it will be the right one for them.

Blaine loves his new school and his new teacher.  His homeroom teacher and his wife were missionaries in Africa at one point so I know the stories this man will tell will be right down Blaine's alley.  Logan..........well we will wait and see, but he did tell his mom that his teacher might be nice because she told all the other kids that they needed to look at Logan and do what he was doing.  He is always quite proud when someone brags on him. 

So………onward and upward to a good school year.    I love you boys.  You are still the age you were in this picture to me, not 10 and not 7.  Very, very proud of you.  Your nana wasn’t as brave as you.