Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chuck’s Chocolate Ice Cream

I made the following ice cream many, many moons ago and my brother-in-law loved it and he has mentioned it at least once a year ever since.  My hubby and I didn’t care much for it, but as a surprise for Chuck, I made it this morning and will take it to him tomorrow.  Sssh!  It’s a surprise!  I wonder if he will like it as much tomorrow as he did years ago.    

I’m channeling the PW and posting pictures and instructions below just in case Chuck wants to make this himself.  Pretty simple.

Chocolate Ice Cream 016

3 ingredients:

1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk

2/3 cup Hershey’s Syrup

2  cups Heavy Whipping Cream (Whipped)

Chocolate Ice Cream 014

Whip the cream till stiff peaks form.  Don’t over beat, Chuck, or you will have butter.  Remember that discussion?  Set aside.

Chocolate Ice Cream 012

In another bowl, pour in the chocolate syrup and the sweetened condensed milk.

Chocolate Ice Cream 017

Stir until well blended and looks like this.  Almost caramel colored.

Chocolate Ice Cream 018

Now add the whipped cream.

Chocolate Ice Cream 019

Fold the cream into the chocolate mixture.  This is a slow process where you cut through the cream with your spatula and gently lift the chocolate to the top.  You do NOT want to rush this process or your whipped cream will loose its airiness.   (Don’t worry, this is the hardest part of the recipe.)

Chocolate Ice Cream 020

Keep folding and you think this might be done, but it is not!

Chocolate Ice Cream 021

See, I told you.  Look at that ribbon of chocolate.  Keep folding until it looks likeChocolate Ice Cream 022


I guess you noticed, I poured the folded mixture into a foil-lined loaf pan and will freeze for at least 6 hours. 

Chocolate Ice Cream 015

And here is the recipe cut from a magazine many, many moons ago.

I think I will rename it Chuck’s Chocolate Ice Cream.

See, Chuck, even YOU can do this!


Happy Fourth of July, Everyone


I love you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Just Plain Toast

I have been under the weather lately, but I feel so much better that I want to blog again.  I seem to thinking of food a lot so maybe I will blog about food this month.  Let's see, we could talk about corn, pizza, cheesecake, candy apples, ribs, coleslaw, fish tacos, or my all-time favorite - tomatoes.  So that I don't overdose so early in the month on the GOOD food, I am going to start real slow and talk about toast.  Who else but me would write a blog about toast??

For the last several days, I have been having toast for breakfast.  Toasted croissants, that is.  Split open and toasted in the toaster oven.  Buttered after toasting of course, because we all know that there isn't enough butter in these things already.  Yesterday, I decided to mix it up and add a slice of toasted white bread to my toasted croissant order.  I used a regular pop-up toaster and buttered it when it was golden brown.  You know what I discovered?  I like white bread probably a little more than I like the croissants.  French bakers everywhere are gasping right now, I am sure.

I think it all stems from childhood when I would stay with my Grandma Thompson and she'd fix toast in a pop-up toaster.  We didn't have a toaster so having that kind of toast was always a special treat.  My mom buttered the bread first and then put it under the broiler till the butter melted.  I am not going to tell you that it wasn't good.  It was and with all that melted butter (margarine) how could it not be?  But when I went to my grandma's house, that golden, crispy, white bread was the best toast ever, a special treat.  To this day, if I am sick all I want to eat is a piece of toast made in the pop-up toaster, just ask my hubby.

My mom had a toast every morning for her breakfast.  That's it.  Just one toast.  Mom had very little time to herself, but there was an or so after daddy left for work and before she got us up for school.  Her little special time of the day.  She'd butter her white bread and put it under the broiler.  I like to imagine that hot soft, buttery bread was a special treat for her to have during her most likely only "me" time. 

Kids, remember mom's stove and the broiler under the oven.  It was covered with foil for easier cleaning.  Mom would put 6 or 8 slices of bread in to toast while she'd fry the eggs and it'd be one of our jobs to watch it to make sure it didn't burn. 

Just plain toast, please.

I love you.


Monday, June 29, 2015

It's Never Too Late to Make Memories

Did you see the beautiful fluffy clouds in the SW this afternoon around 4:00 p.m.?  It was the same cloud formation we saw last year on our trip to the Grand Canyon.  We had stopped at the Painted Desert and had gotten out of the car to get a closer look at the desert.  We piled back in the car and drove on around to the Petrified Forrest.  You can't get that close to the Petrified Forrest and not get out of the car despite those ominous looking clouds; you just can't!  Once you are on the trail, one tree draws you to the next and the next and the next.  Before you know it, you are 1/2 mile from the car..............and that cloud is getting darker and darker and darker.  And that is exactly what happened to us; we got much further away from the car than we thought or even cared at the time.  We decide to start back to the car because it is is definitely coming, the rain is coming.  We hope we can get to the car without getting soaked.  Then the lightening strikes in the distance; we walk a little faster.  The storm clouds gets closer and darker (and believe me, it can feel mighty lonely out there in the high desert), the lightening streaks across the sky and snakes down to the ground, the thunder rolls, and we walk even faster, faster..........faster.............faster.  Then the drops start.  Large drops!  Huge drops!  Oh, but the earth smells so good, so fresh.  We see the rain coming across the plains heading more our way.  We start to run, but too late.  Our drops are no longer drops, but sheets of rain blowing sideways into our faces.

We made it back to the car.  We dove inside, laughing all the while.  We were drenched.  What a wonderful memory and one we made just last year.  I'm so glad we made that trip.  I am so glad we got out of the car.  I am so glad we took that walk.  I am so glad it rained on us.  It gave us memories and they are so precious.  We reminisced about that trip this afternoon all due to the beautiful cloud formation we saw today.  It's never too late to make memories. 

I love you.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

I Need Help

Nothing much happening here except a little rain, hmmm like 5 inches in last 15 hours or so; making a total of 20 inches or more just for the month of May and we have another week to go.  No, nothing at all.  So we are setting here on our computers almost bored; me looking at Pinterest getting inspired.  

I looked up over my readers and the hubby asked "What?".  "Oh nothing, I was just decorating in my mind."  "Good place to start", he replied and put his head back into his computer.  So that is exactly what I am doing, decorating in my mind using all the cool Pinterest pins.  The problem is I don't have any decorating sense.  I need help.

I love bright southwestern inspired rugs.  I love Asian rugs.  I love simple designs.  I love prints.  I hate prints.  I love the cabin look.  I love French country style.  I love vintage 50s furniture.  I love modern sofas.  I love traditional soft deeply-cushioned sofas.  I love 70s furniture.  I love wicker.  I love the comfort of recliners.  I hate the look of recliners.  I love traditional style.  I love red.  I love, love, love turquoise.  I am afraid of the color turquoise.  I love wood floors.  I don't have any wood floors. 

The list of my lack of style could go on and on for I have no style.  I see a picture of a traditional room and I want that.  I see a picture of a sleek vintage room styled on the 60s and I want that.  I see a rustic cabin and I want that.  I see a Greek inspired room with billowing sheers over the windows and I want that (especially if my house overlooked the Mediterranean Sea--some place I would like to see).

So come on over this rainy day and help me decorate.  Help me find my decorating style.  Maybe there's an app for that.  Come to think of it, there probably is.  Help me find my decorating style.  I need help.

I love you.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 039Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 005

Good morning everybody.   Here it is Memorial Day weekend, and, of course, it is raining in Oklahoma once again.  I doubt many people on the lakes this weekend.  

These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago so my honeysuckle is now almost gone, but if you step outside you can still smell it.  It would be hard for me to cut a bouquet now because almost all of those white blooms have turned yellow and are falling off the vine.  It is most fragrant when there is lots of white still on the vine.  Honeysuckle always reminds me of Grandma Dawkins and I cannot think of a more pleasant memory than of her.   

Hope you enjoy the pictures, and I hope you have pleasant memories of someone special in your life this Memorial Day.  I have lots of memories of special people in my life. 

I love you.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Give Me the Keys

Just a quick little howdy this morning.  I stepped outside to get the paper early this morning and the air was so crisp and clean, I almost thought I was in Red River.  This crisp air is exactly what the folks at Red River, NM, experience every summer morning.  Can you imagine such a life?  Cool, crisp, fresh mountain air......all summer long.   

Give me the keys, I think I will head to Red River.

I love you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Don’t Know Whether I’m Coming or Going

Good Morning Everybody.  There are days I don’t know whether I am coming or going.  Take yesterday for instance.  Here’s my funny tale or is it tragic?  I’ll let you decide and I know your answer will depend on where you are on your life’s timeline.

After a full fun day of shopping/looking at storm shelters, I headed off to bed.  As I was undressing I noticed a grease stain at the neckline of the red knit top I had been wearing all day long.  Well now, do I want to put some spot remover tonight or wait till morning?  Inspecting a little closer, I could see the imprint of a label.

What the heck????  Did I put this on backwards this morning???  Oh, heck yeah, I DID!!  I wore it that way all day long, all day long, and all the while, I thought I looked good in my red knit top.  Stylin’ as the kids say.

Oh, oh, oh, OH!  No, no NO!  It dawned on me.   This is the same top I found in my closet this morning, the one I had forgotten about and surely not that holey red top that I had been wearing around the house all spring simply because it was comfortable.  No, I had inspected that top before and after I put it on and declared it must be one from last year—no holes.   NO HOLES!  I must say I was thrilled that I had two red tops and this one I could actually wear out in public.  I was cool, I was stylin’.  The hubby even told me I looked good in THAT top.  So off we go…….  Me with my 29 holes on my backside and definitely showing because I had my white jeans on.  Yes, I counted them—all in a 2 inch square area.  I am not exaggerating.  Red top over white jeans and 29 holes, right in the middle of my backside.  I am sure people thought “Oh the poor thing.  She just turned her top around so she wouldn’t have to see the holes.” 

Now here is where your timeline comes in.  If you are a certain age you will find this somewhat humorous.  If you are of the younger generation, you are going to find this tragic……….the old woman has finally lost it.  So being of my generation, I am going to look at this humorously because……..well…….it is a little funny……..and I sure don’t want to look at it the other way.

Bottom line:  I wore my top backwards.  I wore my holey top (29 holes).  I don’t have two red tops.  I need another red top.

The hubby wished me a good night’s rest and said “Hope you find out whether you’re coming or going.”  And we had a good little laugh.

I love you.   

In case you are wondering about the holes, I have a problem with almost all my knit tops and holes.  I have finally decided it must be from my too tight jeans and the flap.  So I have to inspect everything I wear out in public to make sure there are no holes.  I thought I knew front from back, but looks like that will also be an inspection point….if I remember.   Love you guys.  Keep smiling!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Just a Trip to Arby's

Last night we took the little convertible out for a spin--just to keep the battery charged.  We reminisced while driving through our old neighborhoods, driving by my old duplex, then the duplex which my husband owned and our first home together, then our first house.  We bought that first little house for $8500--I kid you not.

Then we made a stop at Arby's; probably my favorite fast food if any fast food could be called my favorite.  As soon as I started unwrapping that paper, the aroma instantly carried me back to my very first visit to Arby's way back in the early 70s.  I thought that sandwich was just about the best thing I had ever eaten.  That restaurant was located on 29th Street just across the street west from its current Del City location. 

While I was describing my first Arby's sandwich, my hubby looked up at me and said "Aren't we lucky that we were so inexperienced and naïve that a roast beef sandwich was an experience."  That really resonated with me.  Our discussion then led to remembering our first taste of pizza; knowing exactly where it was and the people we were with.  My first taste of Mexican food (other than tamales out of a can) was downtown OKC at El Charito's.  I was at the Future Homemakers of America convention at the Civic Center, a yearly convention and the highlight of each my high school years.  A day in the big city............and I knew that's where I was going to eventually live.

Our children and especially our grandchildren are certainly not naïve regarding food.  Pizza on every block so much so that even they get tired of it.  Mexican food is just about as prevalent for them and certainly not the treat to them as it was to me in 1964.  Is there anything for children these days to be naïve about?  Everything is quite literally at their finger tips.

Yes, I am glad I lived during a time when certain things were new.  Maybe it is our age showing, but we are grateful for such small things as a memory of a gooey, cheesy pizza.  Will our children be as grateful?

So we were just a little naïve.  Just a trip to Arby's...............

I love you.     
One year I remember we went to Shepherd Mall, probably the first year it about taking the country out of the girl.........whew..........what an experience.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hello Summer!

Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 018
Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 019Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 020
Well hello there summer!  I’ve been waiting on you and it looks like today, finally, you have arrived.  Yes, and you brought your humid cousin.  I was hoping she’d go further south. 
Hi Friends,
I made a trip to Target last week and just knew summer was around the corner.  I wanted to hurry it along so I bought this cute mat for my back patio.  All I need is a pool.  The flip flops, or thongs as we used to call them back in the day, came from Walmart.  If you haven’t looked, Walmart has some cute flip flops this year and the kind I like….the ones with fabric between the toes.  Yeah, Walmart is NOT my favorite place to shop either.
Who could resist that beach towel?  Not that I am going near water, but the towel reminded me of the good old days of summer, (those days of summer and pretzels and beer thanks Nat for a great song).  I think every beach towel that I have ever purchased for myself has been in those colors.  Reminds me of being knee deep in the water somewhereA little shout out to my good friend, Zac Brown, and his best feel good song ever!  Old Zac might even be right up there with Jimmy Buffet…….oh wait, Jimmy is singing with Zac on this song.  No wonder I like this song so much.    Check this out.  With any luck at all, that link will take you  to one of my all time favorite songs .  After a cup of coffee, I turn that song on.  Girls, I  am telling you…….I clean my kitchen in record time.  
I digress, but isn’t that towel great.  36 X 72 inches.  Now I need a pool.  Got my flip flops, got my mat, got my towel, got my song.
So HELLO SUMMER.  Glad you are here. Knee deep in the water somewhere…………..
I love you.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Welcome to My Saturday Morning

Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 065
I just thought I would share Saturday morning at my house.  Welcome.  As  I walked around my house this morning, my senses were just overwhelmed.  Everywhere I looked, I could see beauty.  You know sometimes I look around and see nothing but a lot of work to be done and then I get kind of down in the mouth, as Mom would say.  But not this morning.  I wish you could have been with me so you could have seen the sight, smelled the fragrance, touched the roses, and cut some honeysuckle.
Take a look at my pictures.  Enjoy a little slice of my morning.  Aren’t my flowers pretty despite all the rain, hail, and winds?  (Speaking of which, I need to put them in a safe place tonight since we are expecting tornadoes in OKC in less than an hour.  In fact, I can hear thunder so I need to get busy.) 
Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 021Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 022Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 024Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 028Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 029Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 031Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 035Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 037Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 048Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 043Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 051Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 056Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 057Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 060Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 064Honeysuckle and Saturday Morning 066
I look back at these pictures I took this morning  and realize how truly God has blessed me.  We have a beautiful view, a safe, sound house, and live in a free nation.  I hope you have enjoyed my pictures. 
Welcome to My Saturday Morning.
I love you.