Thursday, August 18, 2016

School Starts Tomorrow

These two!
When did they get to be so big?

Tomorrow, these two little boys will be starting another school year.  4th grader, can that be?  Junior high?  Yesterday, he was 2 weeks old and curled up in my arms as he napped.  Three short years until he starts high school, and his nana is already in mourning.  Just kidding..................I think.

So tomorrow begins another school year, and here I am tonight wondering what the year will bring.  Oh it would be nice if they made straight As and won every award on awards night.  Sure it would.........not going to lie..............but my very favorite award would be one for kindness.  So here's hoping their year will be full of kindness from them as well as to them, full of hope and optimism, full of wisdom to make the best decisions, and most of all, full of joy.  Their smiling faces will be reward enough for me.   

Tonight, my sweet boys, I wish you a pleasant evening and deep sleep full of smiling dreams with ne'er a thought about school.  Tomorrow is your day to shine.

I love you. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Pencil Skirts

Good morning everybody.

I have been under the weather the last few days, but I'm finally beginning to feel human again.  This morning I'm in the sunroom while the hubby mows on this semi-overcast day.  That means it will be sunny and hot in the next hour, but for now I am enjoying having the doors wide-open.

I've been looking at Pinterest and a lot of skirts have been pinned and Pinterest feels I may want to pin them for myself.  Boy howdy, would I ever pin them if I was 30 or even 60, especially if I were working.  I love tight skirts------that's what we used to call them-----and I looked good in them-----back in the day.

So gals wear your tight, I mean pencil, skirts with style.  Believe me, my heart is with you.  I would wear them in a heart beat if my legs would allow.  (Back in the day, we wore panty hose, and say what you will about the tights of torture, they did make the legs look a lot better.  I'd wear them with swim wear if I didn't look like I needed to be locked up.)

That's all I had to say this morning.  Keep tuned in because I am going to try posting more.

I love you.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gentle Whirring of the Fan

What a chaotic week, huh? 

So this morning we had to clean the carpet and in so doing, we hooked up the fan to speed up the drying process....the old-fashioned fan.  It is quiet in the house this morning so even with my hearing loss, I could hear the gentle whirring of the blades..........pulling me right back to 1955.  If any of you were around back then, you probably know that every house in America had a fan; maybe not air conditioning, but we all had a fan.  I have such wonderful sweet memories of afternoon naps when all was quiet.  No TV, no kids clamoring, no radio blasting, and definitely no electronic device alerting us to weather, text messages, or any other such disturbances.  In fact at my house, there wasn't even a telephone at that point in time.  Just an afternoon nap which mom sorely needed after a morning with five kids under the age of 8.  The TV would be turned off and even if we didn't nap, we had to at least lay down and be quiet.  The only distraction was the gentle whirring of the fan sweeping around the warm room.

So with that, I will leave you and wish you no chaos and a 'gentle whirring of the fan' day.

I love you.

Friday, June 24, 2016


Hey, long time no here's a little's events.

1.  I just couldn't let it go.............the quest for new chairs--recliners or something very comfortable and cozy.  I have been looking for two months and sadly, OKC has very fewHa furniture stores and those we have are owned by one company...Mathis Brothers.  I went to a new store in Norman yesterday and then today we went to the same store in NW OKC and lo and behold, that store was inner-connected to the Lazy Boy store and the Mathis sleep center.  You get the picture?  They are ALL owned by MB.  I wonder if others are owned by them, but a little more discreetly. 

2.  I didn't buy any chairs and I have company coming next week.  I guess we will make due with the old stuff.

3.  Have you ever gotten the finger on the highway and you had no idea why?  Today we were in the far right lane tooling right along in the line of cars.  Very suddenly and aggressively a truck pulled in front of us and his finger was definitely directed toward us.  We turned to one another and at the same time said "What did we do?"  So..........when you have the urge to shoot someone the bird, take a moment to ask yourself how your actions are going to improve the situation.  What if it had been your grandpa, your minister, your girlfriend's mother, your wife?  Patience..........nobody has it anymore.

4.  At Target today, I saw a little old lady with bobby pin curls in her hair.  Just last week I posted a picture of pin curls..........had no idea anybody still used them.

5.  It's Friday night and my Friday night dates haven't call us.  I need a date.

6.  It's hot!  In OKC it's hot.  Right now the clouds are between us and the sun  and seems like a winter day.  No really, but a blessing from the scorching sun.  And AC:  wow, a blessing indeed.  And I forgot to tell you, the AC on the truck was iffy at best today.  One minute it was on, the next ten minutes it was off.  Believe me, that intermittent AC was greatly appreciated.

That's about all the NON-news I have.  Hope you are enjoying your summer.

I love you.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Embracing My Inner Flo

Good morning everybody.  Well, here I am again, sitting here having my third cup of coffee; full of life, vim, and vigor.  So  good morning all.

Did I tell you that I met Flo the other day?  Probably not since I haven't written in this blog in days.  Well, I met her.  Yep, she was right in the car with me.  IN FACT, I AM FLO!

I was riding in the car for a quick, quick grocery trip last Thursday morning.  You know it was quick because I was expecting a family reunion at 2:00 p.m.  I looked down and realized that I had on my biker shorts--well not really biker shorts, but maybe yoga I have really been into yoga lately...........can't get enough of that yoga.  I saw that I had on my flowy (that's a Regina word) boho pink and black leopard print top with the silver threads (to go with my gray, tight yoga shorts).  And then I saw that I had on my leopard thongs (back in the day we called them thongs...........not to alarm anyone............thongs can also be called flip flops) with my red toenails shining in the sun.  GOOD GRIEF..........I AM FLO! 

What in the world has happened to me?  I don't care!  10 years ago I would have never worn shorts in public and thongs were iffy.  But here I was............IN PUBLIC..............wearing shorts and thongs, mind you!  Tight shorts at that, but at least I had my boho tunic to cover my bum bums.  But...........I don't care!  Well, I care a little bit.  But there is a certain self-assuredness that comes with age and I am embracing it. 

"When I get old, I shall wear purple"............or at least a bo-ho shirt.  Embracing my inner Flo.

I love you!!  Go get your Flo on!!!!!!!!!!  (Coffee makes one use a lot of !!!!!!!!!!!!!)

For those of you under the age of 40, there was a sitcom in the 70s or 80s called "Alice" and Flo was the over the top waitress who always wore the most outlandish clothes and popping her gum.  I am embracing my inner Flo. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

They've Done It Again

Good Saturday Afternoon.  They've done it again, ruined a perfectly delicious recipe trying to make it better.  First, they did it with the watermelon.  See my blog a few days ago and now this.

I've been outside most of the day and decided I'd rest just a bit before heading out to find more flowers to buy.  May have to head to my local nursery.  I've got the bug.............planting bug, that is.

So.............I get on Pinterest to see what kind of inspiration I can absorb in 10 minutes.  Scrolling down, I see all kinds of beautiful plants, but then I come across somebody's idea of a good guacamole.  Now get this.................STRAWBERRIES in the guac!  What is this world coming to?  A perfectly delicious guac tainted with strawberries.  They've done it again. 

I love you guys.

And that's all that's happening here.  Good day.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

GIRL Watch Out


As you might have guessed, I was a little excited to go to my class reunion last weekend.  While I was looking around for mementos to take with me, I remembered a particular booklet which held all my classmates graduation name cards.

...........up to the attic I go.  It wasn't in the old suitcase which holds many treasurers from long, long ago.  So............I keep digging and digging and digging.  I start to feel my mission to the attic is going to be for naught.  But wait!  What is that over there?  Over there on the other side of the attic.  I'm going to take a look. 

So............I start creeping along and bang!!!  I hit a board that isn't nailed down and my life flashes before my eyes.................well, actually it was the insulation moving toward me or was I getting closer to it.  BAM!  I am down.  I am down hard, right on my bohunkus.  I am down between two rafter beams.  But I am stopped.  Wedged!!  I am not going through the ceiling...........I don't think.  But I am lodged and pretty banged up, but it's my ego that really took a beating. 

So...............I start screaming for the hubby.............of course, he's vacuuming the truck in the shop.  That doesn't stop me from screaming again..............for a good 10 minutes.  Finally, I give up screaming, and rummage around until I find a sliver of broken board (did I break that when I fell?) and start beating on the boards until finally.......................the hubby came into the garage. 

Bottom line is my bottom is lined--lined with bruises that keeps getting darker and uglier 6 days later.  My hubby got me out of the attic just fine guiding one foot after the other until I was on terra ferma.  It could have been a disaster, but all is well and no cracks in the ceiling--I looked as soon as I got in the house. 

I guess it all means that I am getting older despite the fact that I am on 35 or so in my mind.  It came to mind that I might need to be a little more careful in the attic and stay away from the part not floored.  AND BY THE WAY, WHO LEAVES BOARDS IN THE FLOOR OF THE ATTIC WITHOUT BEING NAILED DOWN?????  Falling in the attic--falling off my platform shoes--GIRL watch out.

~and by the way, I never found what I was looking for~

I love you

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

So Seriously, Don't Mess with My Watermelon

It's a dark, cool, or to my way thinking, COLD, day here in Oklahoma.  The wind is blowing and there's a mist in the air.  A perfect afternoon for a nap..............of if you can't sleep...............a perfect afternoon to "Pinterest".  Yes, that is a verb.  I Pinterest.

So I am scrolling through Pinterest and see a recipe for watermelon with balsamic vinegar and feta.  Disgusting!  As what point did someone say "Gee, this watermelon is only so-so.  It needs something to enhance the flavor."?  I guarantee I was not one of the ones voting to bump it up a notch.

Some things are just perfect as they were created.  So seriously, don't mess with my watermelon.

I love you.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Nancy and Bill

This was taken at our class reunion and isn't very flattering of me,
but it is one of my favorites.  Let me explain.  The lovely lady has
just introduced her friend (eyes left) as her fiancé.
Let me explain further.  That lovely lady has been my friend for
at least 53 or 54 years, and just a month or so ago my husband
and I had dinner with Bill and her.  No mention at that time of engagement,
but I went home wondering....................

This photo captures the moment of the happy realization that my dear, dear
friend had found someone special to spend her life with.

I love the sincere eye contact between us.  Me leaning forward to make sure
I heard correctly, and she giving me
a moment to absorb this wonderful news.
This photo captures the love and friendship of 50 years. 
I love her.

And here we are just a little later after
that first "WHAT?"
No shock in this photo, just happiness.

Class Reunion 2016
My wish is for everyone to have a friend
who remains loyal after all these years.

Our class rings.

Another shot.

And here we are with the newly engaged couple.

Nancy and Bill

( be such great friends, I don't
remember Bill's last name)


P.S.  Nancy, Bill is exactly what I wanted for you.
He adores you and it shows.

Here's to happiness.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

We Came to Be 17 Again

Yesterday was my 50th year class reunion.  Oh........the memories each of these people hold in their hearts.  Yesterday we got to share those memories with others that know the stories are true but perhaps embellished just a tad.  Oh the fun stories we shared......the many stories of heroes..................class plays....................dateless proms.................fellow classmates (you should have been there) girls..................handsome guys.................cheating on tests...................boys telling why they didn't ask a girl to dance (who knew they were afraid of being turned down and having to walk back to the wall without a girl on their arm)................the list could go on and on.  

As the afternoon wore on, our classmates started to drift away and head back home.  Heartfelt hugs were abundant.  Heartfelt hugs for the people who remember us when we were without children or grandchildren or even spouses.  Back when we had no responsibility other than a history test.  Back when momma and daddy were our anchor.  Deep heartfelt hugs for friends with sincere hopes to see them at the next reunion. 

At my hubby's 50th reunion a few years ago, one of his classmates was standing by the wall just observing.  I remarked to him that everyone looked wonderful and happy.  I never will forget what he said.  He told me that it was because it wasn't the time to talk of reality; no need to talk of impending knee replacement, or surgeries, or chemo.  We came to be 17 again.

We came to be 17 again.    

I love you.