Monday, January 5, 2015

Throw Them Out or Keep Them

I've been cleaning out drawers today and ran across an old pair of pantyhose.  What am I going to do with those?  Throw them out or keep them?

I don't wear pantyhose anymore, do you?  Styles have changed over the years, but gee, I wish that pantyhose were still popular.  Who decided that pantyhose were to be cast aside for bare legs?  My legs just don't look like they did in 1970.  They need a little help with a cover-up just as my body needs a little cover-up when I dare wear a swimsuit.  (And yes, I really do wear a swimsuit........even at my age.)

Here it is dead of winter, 33 burr degrees.  These days what do women do when they have an event where a knee-length dress is worn?  Do they go bare-legged or do they don hose?  I know what you're going to tell me.........wear dress pants............or wear tights, but DON'T wear the pantyhose. 

Still you haven't convinced me that I should throw them out.  So I will put these sheer lovelies back in the drawer and I can decide later when and if I actually need them.  My criteria will probably be whether my need to be stylish outweighs my need for comfort.  Not many women my age are considered fashionistas anyway.

Throw them out or keep them?

I love you.

I'm going to tell you a little story about pantyhose and how we girls saved money.  Back in my day (back in the sexy Mad Men days--ha ha) pantyhose were pretty expensive.  If one leg got a runner, then the pantyhose was ruined.....or was it?  Nope, and here is how we saved them.  Cut off the leg with the runner and discard, but save the remainder.  When you get a runner in another pair hose, do the same thing.  Assuming the runners were on opposite legs, you would then have another pair with two panties.  Get it????  Just a tiny bit uncomfortable, but hey............saved money when I was a single gal.  By the way I was told about this little secret by someone who really was a fashionista back in the Mad Men days.


Hamburgers and Memories

Have you ever had one of those sensory moments where you are taken back in time?  Sight, sound, touch, smell, and tastes.  Smell...........I had one of those sensory moments tonight with the smell of pickles.  Pickles!!!  Hamburgers were on the menu and when I opened that jar of pickles, I was immediately a little girl again.  So much so that a tear fell and the hubby asked what was wrong.  I looked up and he immediately said "You had one of those moments, didn't you?" and gave me a sweet hug.  He knows me all too well.

I have written about our Saturday night hamburger suppers several times, but for me the memory never gets old.  Saturday nights were the "party" time for my family; pop to drink, hamburgers on the stove with that wonderful odor............hamburgers frying in the cast iron skillets, freshly diced onions (not sliced), thinly, thinly sliced lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and mom's dill pickles-----just up from the cold cellar.  All those odors came together to almost make me weep tonight.  It wasn't the hamburgers so much as it was the gathering of those seven people.  The shuffling of seven chairs, the girls with rollers in their hair, the chatter, the faces........oh the faces.  Seven people who knew nothing of the future............just living in the moment............a family.

Those faces came back to me tonight......young faces........and two faces now gone, but never, ever forgotten.

Here's to my favorite meal at home.........hamburgers and memories of a wonderful childhood

I love you.

If you come to visit, I will gladly make you a hamburger, but you won't have this emotion for the faces have changed.  I would hope, however, that you would leave with a happy memory of being in my home.  I might even tell you a story about my life on the farm.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Enjoy the Season, Young Parents

All my Christmas shopping and wrapping are done, but I kind of wish I was out shopping today.  I think more than shopping, I would like to turn back time and experience the 'young parent syndrome' again; the excitement of playing Santa.

Back in the late 1970s, I would have never classed ourselves as poor, but as a stay-at-home mom, we sort of lived from paycheck to paycheck.  The kids were little and didn't really have particular toys on their list so that made shopping for them much easier.  We could wait until the last minute to shop and usually did because inevitably payday fell just a few days before Christmas, or in some instances, on Christmas Eve itself.  We never panicked for there was always toys, toys galore. 

You'd be surprised how much toys are discounted on Christmas Eve if you know where to look.  That place would be all the stores that don't normally carry toys; OTASCO, for example.  Remember OTASCO?  Oklahoma Tire and Supply Company.  OTASCO to the rescue.  Steven was just at the age where he could maneuver a little motorized vehicle and we found one that OTASCO was practically giving away on Christmas Eve.  That made Santa very happy.

Enjoy the season, young parents!  This season of life passes ever so quickly.

I love you.

And no, we didn't have a babysitter.  We'd all look at the toys, Santa would nod, and one of us would take the kids either to the car or across the store while Santa did his magic!  It all worked out perfectly just as was intended.

Friday, December 19, 2014

A Perfect Day

Have you ever had one of those days where you have everything planned right down to the tiniest detail and you get derailed right at the get-go?  That's exactly what happened today.  And I had to cope............

During the night last night, I planned our whole day; a perfect pre-Christmas Day stressless day.  A day of fun as a reward for getting all the shopping and wrapping done.  I was going to:  1)  Get my hair colored at 9:30.  2)  Pick up hubby.  3)  Be at Ingrid's Kitchen for Lobster Bisque at 11:15.  4)  Be at Steinmart at 12:00 for a little shopping and looking for myself.  5)  Be at Whole Foods by 12:45.  6.  Movie around 2:00.  7)  Be at Sam's Club by 4:45.  8)  Home by 6:00.   A treat day.  A perfect day!

BUT, I got to my salon at 9:25 and the girl that was to fix my hair wasn't there yet.  No biggie, but by 9:50 I was grinding my teeth and I was getting quite tense.  It wasn't like my stylist to be late.  Getting more and more tense, I finally asked a girl if she'd heard from her; she hadn't.  Finally, another stylist came in the door and explained to me that my stylist was in the ER with her daughter, but that she do put color on my hair after she did the same for her own patron.  It was awfully sweet of her to take me and I am extremely appreciative, but that put me off my schedule by two hours.

After being at the salon for 45 minutes and still not in the chair, I started to de-stress.  I began to unwind.  I unclenched my jaws.  I just let it all go.  All the plans for the day, all the appointments, and even Ingrid's Lobster Bisque.  (You have to taste it to believe it.)  You see, I could either stress myself all out or just go with the flow, which truth be told, was the only thing I could do.  Short of leaving with my roots showing (and we know that wasn't going to happen), I really had no choice but to set there so I might as well let it go.

By this simple decision to not let myself get all uptight, the day still turned out perfect; just the way it was always meant to be.  We had lunch at home.  We skipped Steinmart all together, but we made it to Whole Foods.  They didn't have their Stolen this year, probably a good thing because I would have been tempted.  We made a quick trip to Sprouts for produce.  We didn't take in a movie, but we made it to Sam's.  Home by 4:45.  A perfect day!

I hope your day was perfect.  I hope that you are having a chance to reflect the true meaning of Christmas and can let all the stress and strife all go.

Not the day I had planned, but a PERFECT DAY!

I love you. 

Now I just need to de-stress about my laptop.  I'm using the hubbies, but after Christmas...........


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rambling Christmas Thoughts

I haven't written in ages due to a faulty laptop which now seems to be working; like magic.  Now don't tell anyone this, but I think the security people messed it up deliberately.  I say that in jest, but it all started when I failed to renew my security protection and suddenly has fixed itself after I renewed.  Could it be???????  Hubby told me to be careful because I was sounding cynical.  I learned it from the master.

So since it is working and since I really don't have my thoughts in order enough to actually post anything of sentimental value, I thought I just start listing my rambling thoughts that have been running through my mind lately.

1.  Why did they take the hopped up on caffeine Target lady off their commercials?  I know people just like her and they definitely get in their zone when Target is their destination.  Mindy, I'm talking about you!!

2.  Why is it raining when I have the time and desire to make divinity?  If I have to explain that to you, then you don't make candy.

3.  Yesterday, on the way to the car, I saw a woman who was wearing the cutest top; a 4 inch trim of sequins around the bottom and the 3/4 sleeves.  Anyway, I told her it was pretty.  She never said a word, but her husband who was a few steps behind, rather loudly told me thank you.  She definitely heard me, but I wonder why she didn't acknowledge a compliment.  She must have been in a hurry, but I could tell the husband thought she was being rude.

4.  I don't like music of the Trans Siberian Orchestra.  Just don't.

5.  I have all my Christmas shopping done except two gifts which are simple ones.

6.  I have made a double batch of Fantasy Fudge with pecans.  I weighed the candy--6 pounds 13 ounces.  It is in the refrigerator.  Hopefully!
7.  I love colored lights on my tree.  Oh the solid colors are very beautiful and glamorous, but I like all different colors.  The hubby and I are in agreement and we have decided that is because we have such fond memories of our childhood Christmases.  We both had colored lights on our trees--precious memories.

8.  I start listening to Christmas music the week before Thanksgiving.  Love it!  Nowadays it is so much easier to find the old standards; satellite radio, Pandora, etc.  There is one CD I really want and hope to get this week--Seth MacFarlane's Holiday for Swing.  Who knew Seth could sing?

9.  I am not going to make Aunt Betty's (my actual Aunt Betty--a real Aunt Betty) Peanut Brittle.  First time in 42 years............hmmmm.............maybe I ought to make it after all.

10.  I can't wait till Tara and Rhonda get here.  I get all giddy thinking of all the Mexican restaurants to try.......a few new ones, maybe.

11.  and lights...........always a "look at lights" night for us Tuckers.  Nichols Hills and Chesapeake, here we come!  Which reminds me of the time when I was a teenager when two car loads of us Dawkins' were out looking at lights in the big city.  We either made a wrong turn or someone deliberately decided we needed to check out the Oklahoma City Country Club.  Oh yes we did, two car loads of us drove right up to the front door; valets ready to open our doors and park our cars.  Don't look at them and keep on driving like we know what we are doing.  That same night there was someone who was driving on the wrong side of I44, coming right towards us.  I was in the first car and I remember looking back to make sure our family members in the second car avoided that car.  It was scary, but  God was watching over us all.

12.  I just love the Salvation Army bell ringers.  Again, it must be a childhood memory thing because it warms my heart to know there are folks that take time to volunteer.  It saddens me, though, to know of people who are suffering.

13.  We bought 4 Christmas movies to replace those that have been ravaged by time and abuse.  We have an entire month's worth of movies that we view each year, saving our favorites for the week before Christmas.  There are several old black and white movies with a Christmas theme that we have discovered in the last 5 years.  Yes, they are cheesy, but they are cute and you see all the period clothing and d├ęcor.  I love that!

14.  I don't like to wrap presents, but, guess what.  I have all mine wrapped and all that Rhonda has sent so far.

15.  Hot chocolate!!  Tara has been texting me for more than a month that we are going to McDonald's to get hot chocolate when she comes.  Did I already say I cannot wait till she gets here?  By the way, McDonald's does have the best hot chocolate.

This is getting long........and I have so much more to say.  Oh well, more next time boys and girls.  I think I will blog something tomorrow that you will find nostalgic.  Stay tuned.

I love you.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Dishwasher

Well it is gone.  After 27 years and 11 months, it is gone.  They took it off this morning and I sighed just a little.  And this is the part you are NOT going to believe.  The thing was still workingYou know how the Tucker's make things last and last.  If it works, why get something new.  I am just a little bit surprised that we gave up the old rotary dial phone.  After nearly 28 years, I finally have a new dishwasher.  It has been a good one--that old dishwasher of mine.  Only the $99 pump was replaced.  (I have receipts of all my appliances and repairs.  I am married to an engineer.  Who knows when this information might be used as a blog post?)  I have written about this old machine a few times when the hubby was able to work his magic and keep that old thing running for a few more years much to my chagrin.

It's gone now!  I would like to tell you that I almost miss the old thing, but not really.  Yes, it was working and I used it yesterday, but it wasn't getting the dishes as clean as I thought it should...........and I really wanted to have something that didn't sound like a freight train coming through the kitchen.  Well, I sure can't hear the new one, but, then again, my family quotes a line in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation to me often.  "You couldn't hear a dump truck driving through a dynamite factory."

That's about all that's happening here at the homestead.  Do you think the new machine will last 28 years? 

I love you.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fathom Draft

I feel a fathom draft. 

I get up every morning and put on my makeup.  I look good.........well, as good as I can under the circumstances.  I try to look pretty good because, now, my job is being retired.  A pretty good job I must say.  During the night I decided that today I would clean my kitchen sink with bleach.  You don't ever want to wear good clothes when you work with I grabbed my old favorite, paint splattered, bleach stained, ripped jeans (but the cool, sexy kind of rips---yeah, right!!  A 60-something year old woman is not a good model for sexy ripped jeans!!  NOPE.)  Nonetheless, my old faded 505 Levi's are indeed ripped--didn't buy them that way.  But hey, they are 12 years old and entitled to a rip or two.  One rip was one just below the back of those rips where the horizontal threads were the only thing holding it together.  Not a biggie at that point.  It would be covered with my longer t-shirt.

I continued my cleaning chores, cleaning the sink, mopping, cleaning the bathrooms, etc.  At every bending motion I felt them ripping just a tad more.  I felt cool George, these jeans are going to hold together till I finish cleaning.  I don't want to stop and change clothes.  I continue on.  Rip.......... rip.......... rip. 

Then the hubby's friend calls to tell us he is coming over.  I ask the hubby if he thinks Marvin wold be able to see this, pointing to the rip on my booty.  "Uh, yeah.  It wasn't that big this morning.  The rip I mean.  Your butt was."  Oh no, he didn't just say that!  Then we laughed..........a little uncomfortably on his part.  I told him I would just keep my shirt pulled down and it would be fine.  Besides they would be outside so chance of anyone seeing my sexy back side.  I continued cleaning, ripping a little more with each bend until my jeans were getting more and more comfortable and a little more drafty.  A lot drafty!  I felt back there.  Wow, that rip is from seam to seam. 

Shoot.  Now I have to take off and I will never get back on the cleaning track.  Oh well.  That's okay because I wanted to rest anyway.  But now, even in my clean non-ripped jeans, I feel this fathom draft.  I still feel the cool air.

Fathom draft.........that's what it is.  But nobody saw my booty today!

I love you.        

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

No Comments?

Good morning everyone.  As much as I talk about the evils of the Internet, there are certain Internet rituals I have to do every morning.  Here they are and in no particular order. 

1.  I open my email (only to discover all 26 emails are from people trying to sell me something)  Where did all my friends go..........the ones that used to email?  I say in jest, but I miss all those long emails my family used to send.  Now it is a quick one-liner.

2.  I check out Facebook.  (I am trying to give that a miss.  It is too taxing on my emotional state {put a smiley face here}.  It is an addiction and hard to kick the habit of looking.  I feel like a peeping Tom looking through some people's windows.)

3.  I check out the webcam to see what has changed overnight there.

4.  I must check out Pinterest to see if anyone I know has pinned something interesting that I need to pin. 

5.  I check out to see if my little girl has posted anything.

6.  I have to check out my blog to see how many grammatical errors I have made on the last post (and to see if anybody commented -- side note -- nobody ever does....which brings me to number 7.

7.  Checking out .  Naturally she is a favorite of mine, but evidently she is a favorite amongst all the other woman in the USA and other countries........the woman has her own TV show for Pete's sake.  Today, however, I was beginning to feel sorry for her.  You see, I clicked on her website to read a post and there were ZERO comments.  I must have clicked on it as soon as she hit PUBLISH.  So....... after I read it, I refreshed my screen and there was ONE comment.  How can that be????  Then about 5 minutes later I refreshed and there were TEN comments.  Should I start feeling sorry for her? After all, this is a woman who can write "Hi" and 80,000 people say hi back.  But ten comments in five minutes!  Is she beginning to feel rejected, a has been????  Does she feel like nobody loves her?  Is she going to have to go eat worms?  Nah..........I think not.  She's pretty much got it all.

Not feeling rejected.  No, I'm not feeling rejected.  Not at all, for I, too, have it all.  Now I am going back over the PW to see how many comments she has.

I love you.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Canned Whole Tomatoes

Sometimes I wonder if in the next few generations certain items will disappear off the grocery shelves.  Have you noticed we already have cooked cubed potatoes in the produce aisle?  Who would ever guess that?  We have instant potatoes.  We have frozen hash browns.  Will fresh potatoes disappear one of these days.

All this brings me to Canned Whole Tomatoes.  I was making stew yesterday and right at the end of the process I put in a can of whole tomatoes.  Oh how my mom loved canned whole tomatoes.  I remember her opening a can in the middle of winter and pouring them in a bowl and serving them with the night's meal.  Sometimes they were just an opened tin can from the cupboard, but often they were from the cellar.....those she herself had canned that summer.  They were so good.  So cold.  A delicious treat.  I used to serve this once in a while to my own family............then I stopped and I don't know why.  So yesterday, I treated myself to one of those red, juicy globes.  It was still just as good as I remember.

Do you think canned tomatoes will be around in a few generations?  Will there be a need for canned tomatoes or will they be buying stew by the quarts at the store?  OH, WAIT THEY ALREADY DO!

I love you.  Open me a can of tomatoes.