Thursday, November 24, 2016

Family Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016
Front:  Audrey and Shawna
Back, left to right:  Ryan, Blaine, Logan, Regina, Johnny, Angie and Steven

My family

Johnny's sweet grand-niece took the picture.

What a sweet day it has been with too much food although it was all "plain" food, nothing fancy.
All my family was home. 

Thankful for a wonderful time today with the people I love.

I love you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Almost Home

"60 miles.............almost home", he says.

As a mom I love to hear this.  Almost home.  My baby boy............42 years coming home.  Long drive from his new address, Ohio, but I will be so happy to see him.  I have wondered all day how his trip home was going and now he's almost home.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  He's almost home.

I love you. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

So, Let Me Ask You This

Are you known for a catch phrase?  A phrase you use in almost every conversation?  Well I don't have one either..........  That is I didn't think I had one until it was pointed out to me.

Wednesday morning while my daughter was at our house, we were discussing how often some people repeat certain words.  I said I didn't have one.  Then the hubby pipes up a little too quickly and says, "Oh yes you do.  You say 'So, let me ask you this' all the time."  My daughter gasps and laughs loudly and says "I was going to say that.  Mom, you say that all the time."  Those two had a merry old time with me.

Today at lunch, my daughter asked my grandson if Nana had any phrase she used a lot.  She prompted him and told him it started with 'so'.  The just burst out laughing and said "so, let me ask you this".

For the last two days, I have caught myself saying it or almost saying this phrase a lot.  So I guess I do.  So, let me ask you this.  Do you have a phrase that you use so often that you don't even know you use it?

I love you.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Enchanting Evening Lingers On

Good morning.

I've had my first cup of coffee and now sipping on my second and my fingers are literally flying over the keyboard.

Yesterday, I got my new key for my car.  I told you about that, didn't I?  Misplacing or LOSING my car keys??  I don't know, but the bottom line is they are gone.  Well, the place where we got the key was just across the street from a restaurant where we once ate.  I say ate because we went there once............a little special place that for one, we couldn't afford more than once, and two, they went out of business not long after we ate there.

Oh, what a wonderful little place.  The menu was on a chalkboard easel with only three or four items; the chef's picks which included a nice dessert.  It was an intimate inviting little place with dim lighting and candles on the tables.  (Don't you miss that?  Candles on the tables?  and a quiet place--do you miss that?)

Oh, what a nice evening we had, one that comes to mind even 44 years later.  The table was set with a full silver service arranged next to the plates.............and I'd be lying if I said I knew what those four forks and all those spoons were for, even a spoon at the top of the plate.  But, as far back as 1972, I knew enough to use the outside pieces first so I did okay, although it was a bit intimidating.  The food absolutely delicious and the chocolate mousse was by far, the best thing I'd ever eaten. 

Well, my coffee is wearing off, but the memory of that enchanting evening lingers on........all these years later. 

I love you.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I Lost My Keys

Good evening. 

I have been looking, almost non-stop since 12:30, for my car keys.  We have searched high and low and no luck.  We've looked in the car, in the baskets, in the drawers, and in every cupboard.  Even the freezers and refrigerators.  I have even resorted to looking in the sugar jar.  At this point I am beginning to think I have dementia so I am looking in the oddest places.  (Okay, I am joking.........a little...........I think.........maybe.) 

So we have given up the search although every 15 minutes I jump up to search no avail.  Tomorrow will begin the task of making another key.  I didn't want to waste my cash on a new key, but I sure don't want this to happen again with no extra key on hand.

Today I am reminded of the time mom lost her wedding ring.  She looked high and low, too.  Every person that came to see her for the next month looked for the ring.  Well...............we found it..........
A little too late for mom to know, though.  We found it when going through the sewing machine drawers after she had passed away....................there was the ring.  Sad that she didn't know. 

Here's hoping that I find my keys before my demise. 

I love you.  I gotta get up and hunt keys.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What a Wonderful Day

What a wonderful day......'s hot!  It's hot here in Oklahoma.  76 degrees as I type, here at 4:30 p.m., November 15, 2016.  It's not suppose to be hot.  It's November for Pete's sake.  Are we going to wear jackets this year?  I digress.

So what better way to entertain ourselves and little Audrey on an unusually warm day than an impromptu visit to the ZOO.  What a wonderful day for a 2 year-old little gal, running from exhibit to exhibit, slide to slide, playground to playground.  She was so happy all morning, but in her tiny soft little-girl voice she asked if we could go home to Papaw and Nana's house.  So only after a couple hours, she was tucked in her car seat heading for home, her head hanging down, eyes closing from time to time. 

What a day!  We debated about taking her because, let's face it, it does take a bit of effort.  We quickly found out that that bit of effort was the best part of our day.  What a wonderful day.

I love you.  Hope you had a wonderful day, too.

The zoo is changing, lots of renovations, but I could still make out the old landmarks from 1958.  So many memories................  Memories of picnics at the lake..................Memories of the monkey boat....................Memories of Judy the Elephant...............

Monday, November 14, 2016

Craving Italian

Hello.  It is hot in Oklahoma.  How about where you live?  Tomorrow the temperature is suppose to be in the high 70s and 81 on Wednesday.  It sure doesn't make me think of Thanksgiving, but here it is!!!  People, we have about 10 days to get that coveted turkey.  Can you only imagine the chaos of grocery stores this weekend?  I think I will make my way there this week and keep that bird frozen until I thaw it.

For weeks now I have been in a culinary slump.  I can't think of a thing to fix for dinner, but yet, I keep gaining ounces a day which really translates to pounds.  UGH  So tonight (craving Italian) I thought I'd be creative using pre-made ingredients I found in the pantry.  I was feeling like Pioneer Woman.  Marinara over polenta just like the package recommended. was a looser.  Oh, it wasn't quite as bad as I go-on.  Each ingredient on its own is pretty good, but the flavor of Trader Joe's Tomato Basil Marinara over Trader Joe's tube of polenta just didn't taste as good as each of one individually.  But the sautéed chicken was good.  Next time............

I loved the marinara even though the hubby said it wasn't the best he's ever had..........hey, he's a man.  What does he know.?

Memory:  We didn't have much Italian food when I was a kid, but mom could make a mean spaghetti with meat sauce using the old Kraft box.  Spaghetti, can of sauce, and a package of cheese.  What more do you need?  You'd open up that can and pour it over the cooked ground beef.  Pour that over cooked spaghetti, and top with that cheese in the silver envelope.  Remember that?  Was that box enough spaghetti for a family of seven?  I guess so because we sure didn't use two boxes.

I love you.  By the way, I am no Pioneer Woman.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Still, It's a Decent Day

It's been one of those days.  You ever have one of those days?  It's hard to put my finger on exactly what went wrong, not that everything went wrong. It's just that nothing went exactly as planned.  We sort of jumped off one train and on to another while in motion, but hey, we're still on the train.

As we going to take care of an unexpected task this afternoon, I told the hubby about the great new restaurant my friend and I tried yesterday.  I happened to still have the receipt in my purse so I was ecstatically reviewing the bill and exclaiming that our entrees were a total of $13.98.  That's a great value for lunch.  Then I started figuring the total including our drinks and immediately I noticed that I was overcharged $5.  Now, I am furious that my good deal has now turned out to be an overcharge and a frustration.  THEN after another review of the bill by a second pair of eyes, the hubby told me to take a look at the number 3 below the $13.  "Your entrees were $18.98 not $13.98."  Oh, yes!  Now it all makes sense.  The ink had not imprinted to the paper correctly.  In a matter of 60 seconds I had gone from being ecstatic, to feeling gypped, to feeling I gotten a delicious meal at decent price.

That's the way my day has been; ecstatic one minute, low another, and then realizing it is just one of those days but still, it's a decent day. 

I love you.

Monday, October 24, 2016

A Look Back at a Look Back

October is going out the back door despite the Oklahoma temperatures in the high 70s to mid 80s. 

Tonight I want to share a post I published on October 2, 2011.  Just a look back at a look back.  I hope you enjoy my memories. 

My parents came to dinner one night back in 1981 and I shared the following essay that I had written that week with them.  I could tell Daddy was getting choked up at the end, but true to form he never expressed any emotion.  It just wasn't in his nature to share the emotion of sadness.  He always said there was enough sadness in the world without adding to it so we never even had Dr. Kildare or Ben Casey on in our house.  (Sometimes we girls would sneak a peak if he was not in the house.  He probably knew that.)

In the third paragraph I reference "the hands".  I am talking about the neighbors and local teenage boys.  Since not everyone had a peanut combine, it was important that the neighbors work together going from field to field to ensure that the combine was used at it's maximum potential and that the peanuts were pulled at their peak.  This story was about the earlier days of peanut harvesting when I was very young.  By the time I was 12, the way of harvesting peanuts had changed tremendously.  I will write more about that time in a future post.

I am copying this word for word as I had written it then including the grammar and punctuation - no word processing program in 1981.  Had I written this today, I would have changed it up a lot, but word for word this is how I saw things in 1981.  By the way, according to the last paragraph I was wondering if my own kids would have their own pleasant memories.  Only yesterday, my daughter reminded me of one of her own pleasant childhood memories so I guess we were developing good memories for them after all.

REMEMBER PEANUT HARVEST by Regina Dawkins Tucker 

As I gaze out of windows of my new home this beautiful fall day my mind wanders back to a quieter more serene time in my life - fall peanut harvest!  Oh how those fresh peanuts did smell.  Peanut brittle was just around the corner, which meant the holidays would be coming soon.

Each fall the two-room school I attended let out two weeks for peanut harvest.  The boys had to work in the fields and my brother was no exception.  He drove the tractor which pulled the combine.  My dad was sacking the nuts and Mom had her huge needle and string sewing as fast as she could to keep up with Dad.  I still remember her with her head tied up to keep the dirt out and oh, how they did get dirty.

While the hands were working, Grandma was baby setting and cooking dinner for the hands.  We had a sort of tradition in our community that a huge lunch (we called it dinner then) would be served by the family whose peanuts were being harvested.  Even though it was a busy time for the families of the community, everyone helped each other.  Everyone had to get their peanuts out before frost.  As I think back, I wonder if they didn't help each other just to taste each others' wonderful cooking, especially my grandmother's.

Grandma did not have a large kitchen so we set up a long table in her living room.  The table was covered with wonderful dishes - pot roast, potatoes and gravy, at least a half-dozen vegetables and even homemade dinner rolls.  I always thought of it as another THANKSGIVING DINNER and really I guess it was.  God had been good to us for another year.  He had seen us through planting; hoeing - I did hate to hoe peanuts but we made a lot of money hoeing; drought; and the rainy season....NOW THE HARVEST.

When Grandma finished getting lunch on the table she would send one of us kids to get the hands.  Since I was the oldest I usually got that job.  I remember wading through knee-high grass with the hot sun beaming down on my hair.  Even though the day was hot it still had a feeling of fall in it.  Maybe it was the beautiful fall colors of rust, reds, browns, golds and greens that made it seem cooler than it really was.  My family has always been great admirers of nature's seasons and colors, but I can remember Mom and Dad saying that the most beautiful fall colors are in our own fields at harvest time.

Since Grandma didn't have indoor plumbing all the hands had to wash outside with water from the rain barrel.  Then they would tramp inside and set down at a beautiful table.  Never did I hear Grandma complain about them coming into her house dirty.  She was just thankful that another harvest season was drawing to a close.

When harvest was over for another year we went to town to get material for Mom to sew into dresses, shirts, and jeans.  Sometimes we even got store bought dresses.  What a treat.  At that time we didn't appreciate Mom's talent for sewing.  Now that my sisters and I are grown and have children of our own we finally realize the time and effort it took for her to sew all those beautiful clothes.  Hindsight is really a lot better than foresight.

So as I set here thinking about the "Good Old Days", I wonder if my own children will have pleasant memories of yearly events in their childhood.  I know that they won't have peanut harvest to look back on for we only have five acres not hardly enough to have a garden let alone peanuts.  But just maybe, just maybe they'll remember watching leaves falling from the front window.

I love you.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Higher and Higher

It was only a few years ago that this little boy/young man was on the front porch swinging with me, giggling and begging me to go higher and higher.  So many discussions were held in that old swing, but one of the ones that come to mind today is "when am I going to be 10?"  To him at the tender age of 5, 10 was a long, long, long time away while his much wiser grandmother knew it was just a quick breath away.

A breath away..............and it was proven to me a few days ago how time really is but just a breath away when this young boy, now a much wiser 12 year old, told me he was going to take a shower.  Not one time in the last 12 years has he willingly taken a bath at my house.............and now in his deep voice he tells me he is going to take a shower.  I knew at that moment that things had changed.

Yes, things changed and very quickly.  I am not fully prepared for this.  Will he want to come spend fall break with me next year?  Will he want to sit on the swing with me?  Will he beg me to go higher and higher?  Maybe or perhaps not.  I will just have to adjust because time is NOT going to stand still for me.  But in my heart he will forever be that little 5 year old begging me to go higher and higher. 

I love you.  Always.  Higher and higher.




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